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Barents Pride + Arctic Pride = true

Since 2022 Barents Pride is run by Arctic Pride in cooperation with several co-hosts.

The logo of Barents Pride organizers Arctic Pride - a colourful snowflake with the words Arctic Pride under it.

The goal of Arctic Pride is to organize an annual Pride festival in Tromsø, whose purpose is to create a safe and inclusive space for all people that deviate from social norms of gender and sexuality. Through our festival, we also aim to establish dialogue, spread awareness and educate the public, in hope of promoting a society where everyone can freely express their gender identity, love and sexuality without fear of being discriminated against or harassed.

The festival will promote inclusive behaviour to combat discrimination and hate towards queer people regardless of cultural background and in a international human’s right perspective. Arctic Pride will work to promote diversity in an arctic context with focus on the challenges of both indigenous people and others living in the arctic region.

Arctic Pride is held in Tromsø annually in November - read more about Arctic Pride here.


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