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Program 2023
All activites are free

21. September

11:00 Self-regulation training

RUS/ENG, Samfundshuset 


16:00 Bus to the boarder, "Right to personality"

RUS/ENG/NOR, Scandic Kirkenes


18:00 Opening exhibition with musical performance from Aloe Vera  

RUS/ENG, Samfundshuset/Kirkens Bymisjon


21:00 Concert: Roman Iakovlev & Timimie Märak

RUS/ENG/SE, Samfundshuset


22. September

10:00  Queer sápmi workshop  

RUS/ENG, Scandic Kirkenes

14:00 Movie screening: Dokumentar L*** 404: NOT FOUND

Partners: Tromsø Internasjonale Filmfestival & Gorgona

RUS/ENG/NOR, Aurora Kino Kirkenes


16:00 "How People learned to appreciate freedom" Tamara Edelman´s lecture 

RU/ENG, Sør-Varanger Bibliotek / Библиотека

18:00 Rainbow mass

NOR/ENG, Kirkenes Kirke

23. September

10:00 Self care for activists
Partner: Queer World

NOR/ENG, Samfundshuset

11:30 Workshop before the parade

RUS/ENG/NOR, Samfundshuset

11:30 Kortfilm: "Да, так бывает". / "Yes, its possible!"

Partners: Tromsø Internasjonale Filmfestival & Gorgona 

RU/ENG, Samfundshuset

13:00 Parade!

We hope those who will join us for the parade tomorrow will start coming from 12:30!

Order of the parade:

  • Barents Pride 

  • Equals 

  • Fri Sør-Varanger 

  • Pasvik Folkehøgskole

  • Andre lokale organisasjoner og etater

  • Politiske partier


After the parade, there will be speeches, coffee and cakes within the Community house (Samfundshuset).

RUS/ENG/NOR, Kirkenes Skole (Presteveien 34)

18:30  Finnisage of the Osne Kummenje Mellem’s exhibition , words and music by Hjersti Anfinnsen and Petter Pogo, performance with dinner, DJ Saunasatan and Qvænbrygg at the bar.

Partner: Pikene på Broen

RU/ENG/NOR, Dr. Wessels Gate 14

21:00 Barents Pride Night: DJ DEN, Lysshow, sang, musikk og burlesque!

RU/ENG/NOR, Ofelas Pub (Dr Wessels Gate 1)

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